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The Farmhouse

Made with the very best Canadian Western Red Cedar I can find. The farmhouse is big and beefy rustic table and the most popular deck table I make. The Frame is made with WRC 4x4s and the table top is made with WRC 2x6 or 2x10.


This table can be stained any colour you like. You decide. 


What does rustic mean. Rustic means the table will have some dents maybe a
small split and curve or small cup. Small imperfections or what I refer to as character marks. This table is meant to look like it has some age. So if you're looking for a factory made Ikea table this isn't it! Do you like exposed screws? Let me know and I'll build the table so you can see them. All tables are built with hidden screws.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Prices are for the table only. Matching Benches are available. 

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