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All Tables are paid in advance. Once payment is received your order is place in the que. Deposits are only accepted for local order over $15,000


Our preferred payment option. We are a small family business. We love to save CC fees. Every little bit helps. Please contact us with your contact info, delivery options and the table you want to purchase. We will send you an invoice. You can send payments to We have automatic payment set up.

Square Store


All on-line purchases are processed through square. If you prefer to give me you payment info over the phone, rather then entering it on-line just give me a call and Ill process ASAP 604-655-7575. Please don't email me the information.

Cash Or Cheques


Cash is always King. Tables are still required to be paid in full. That way orders don't get missed. Once we receive payment, Your order is put into the que. 

Cheques are only accept for large commercial orders. 

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