Colour Guide

Transparent Clear Oil

Transparent Clear Oil

This stain looks the best. Really brings out the natural grains of the Cedar. However it will sliver over time. No UV Protection. You will need to sand and re-stain every year.

The Summerland - Natural Stain

Transparent Natural Stain

This stain has light pigment and will highlight the natural grains of the Cedar. However it will sliver over time.

Semi Transparent Natural Cedar

Natural Cedar

This stain has more pigment, giving you long-lasting colour. It will highlight the grain by adding a little more red pigment.

Semi-Transparent Natural Grey Stain


A nice smoky colour. Great colour for highlighting grain patterns and also giving you lots of UV protection.

Semi-Transparent Oak Brown

Oak Brown

Another great colour option. Oak brown stain will give you UV protection and will pop out on your deck. 

The Summerland - Whitewash

White Wash Table Top

Great option if your looking for the east coast beach look. The frame is painted solid white and the Tabletop is whitewashed.

Charcoal Black Stain on Summerland

Charcoal Black

This stain colour is really a dark charcoal. You will still be able to see grain patterns in the wood. But will be subtle… looks really sharp!

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